Makerspace Policy

Arapahoe Libraries provides open access to all forms of educational, cultural and recreational information, which includes ideas and the free expression of all points of view. To ensure these principles are accessible to the community, Arapahoe Libraries features Makerspaces, which are public workshops dedicated to hands-on learning and creating for all ages. Makerspaces offer a wide variety of cutting-edge and traditional equipment and tools, as well as classes and programs for guided exploration.

Patrons may only use Makerspace equipment and tools in the manner for which they are designed and assume any and all risks inherent in such use. Arapahoe Libraries are not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may result form the use or misuse of Makerspace equipment and tools.

As defined in the organization’s Employee Safety Manual, Arapahoe Libraries requires that its employees comply with all applicable safety regulations and affirms that the prevention of accidents and injuries is a priority. Staff are expected to be well versed in safety and emergency procedures and to proactively apply them and direct patrons appropriately.

Arapahoe Libraries staff reserves the right to disallow the use of any tools, equipment, or consumable materials, or to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate any library policies, including creating weapons, obscene materials, or illegal items.

Use of the Makerspace is governed by the same library policies as our other facilities, spaces, and services.

ADOPTED  9/2018
REVISED  4/2023

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