2016 Geek Out Winners

1st Place Winner:

Meliane H. from Castlewood: Hand-cut Paper Fish Lamp

2nd Place Winner:

Cara and Colette G. from Smoky Hill – Curled Brown/Cream Paper Dress

3rd Place Winner:

Hannah, Sam, Anthony G. and Amie L. from Castlewood – Avatar: The Last Airbender Video

Other Winners:

Chelsie F. from Smoky Hill – Avatar Clay Lantern
Laura P. from Davies – Ultimate Fandom Game
Neena S. from Southglenn – Stranger Things art
Gabe P. from Koelbel – Destiny Axe
Felicity R. from Smoky Hill – Harry Potter Sorting Hat Sculpture
Bethany C. from Koelbel – Super Mario Fanfiction
Sebastian P. from Koelbel – Portal 2 – Perler Bead Companion Cube

Helen J. from May – Alien Animation