Art Gallery Exhibitions: July 2024

July 1-31, 2024

Arapahoe Libraries is proud to host art exhibits each month at Eloise May, Koelbel and Smoky Hill libraries. Library galleries offer the community a place to view a variety of art at no cost while also providing visibility to local artists. A volunteer art selection committee selects exhibits based on artistic quality, variety of exhibits and the suitability of format for each exhibit space. 

Have a question about the galleries or interested in showcasing your art? Visit the Art Galleries page for more information.

Mona Das Adhikary

Eloise May Library

As a versatile artist, I seamlessly traverse a spectrum of artistic styles, ranging from intricate traditional Indian motifs to bold abstract expressions. My medium of choice is acrylic, which enables me to vividly merge my creative instincts and manifest my distinct vision on canvas. My artwork embodies a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and elegant forms, reflecting the essence of both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. I not only create vibrant and diverse artworks, but I also regularly compose insightful articles about art for various esteemed publications.

What is your favorite piece in the show, and why?
Choosing a favorite art piece is a challenge, as each creation is a direct expression of my innermost emotions. Without a profound connection to my heart and soul, the creation of any art, whether traditional or abstract, remains elusive.

What motivates you to create?
My inspiration is a tapestry woven from various forms of art and culture, with a particular fascination for the ancient and tribal expressions of Indian art. However, it is my own emotions and experiences that often act as the catalyst, igniting the fire of my creative endeavors.

What message do you want your art to convey to viewers?
My aspiration is for my artwork to not just be seen, but to be felt. I want it to evoke a profound sense of my innermost emotions and the richness of my tradition and resonate with the boundless depths of love.

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Chris Hulla

Koelbel Library

I’m a Colorado native and have dabbled in creative projects since I was a kid. Now that I’m retired (a recovering benefits consultant) I have more time and more ideas for artwork, and for constructing dioramas and some larger works using found objects, clay, wood, paint, wire and other materials, particularly a lot of bling. My goal, beyond the selfish fun of creating, is for viewers to be surprised and entertained and perhaps find a different way of looking at everyday articles and occurrences. 

What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
Pop Tart is my favorite because it’s big and fun – it pops, it’s a pop tart, it’s pop art, and (begging pardon of Esther Jones and Grim Natwick) Betty’s a tart! Meteor Monk and Celebrate National Hairball Day are close second favorites.

What motivates you to create?
When I think I have a clever visual pun idea or I come across an interesting object, I enjoy trying to make an “amusement” out of it.

Who are your biggest artist influences?
Salvador Dali and R. Crumb.

What message do you want your art to convey to viewers?
Have fun, see things a little differently!

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