Art Gallery Exhibitions: March 2024

March 1-31, 2024

Arapahoe Libraries is proud to host art exhibits each month at Eloise May, Koelbel and Smoky Hill libraries. Library galleries offer the community a place to view a variety of art at no cost while also providing visibility to local artists. A volunteer art selection committee selects exhibits based on artistic quality, variety of exhibits and the suitability of format for each exhibit space. 

Have a question about the galleries or interested in showcasing your art? Visit the Art Galleries page for more information.

Mi Casa Azul

Curated by Carla Conlin

Koelbel Library

Mi Casa Azul celebrates the vibrant spirit and cultural heritage of Mexico while embodying our commitment to fair trade principles and direct collaboration with artisans and emerging artists from indigenous communities in Mexico. Through this exhibit at Koelbel Gallery, we invite visitors to not only admire this collection but also to support sustainable art practices that empower creators and preserve cultural heritage.

What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
"It's hard to choose just one piece, but Huipiles are among my favorites due to the labor involved in making them, the creativity of the hands that craft them, and the weeks-long effort required to have a piece like these completed."

What motivates you to create?
I may not be the creator of these pieces, but what drives me to maintain a fair trade system with artisans is knowing that through these items, I can promote the art and culture of my country while also supporting the efforts of individuals in rural communities to provide for their families.

Who are your biggest artists influences?
All the artists and artisans I collaborate with serve as my inspiration to continue what I do. I enjoy conversing with them, learning about their stories, and understanding what inspires them to create the pieces of art they produce.

What message do you want your art to convey to viewers?
What I want this art to really say to people is all about embracing our cultural heritage, celebrating creativity, and recognizing the crucial role of supporting local artisans and keeping traditional crafts alive. I also hope it sparks a deep appreciation for the stunning beauty and intricate detail of indigenous art, while shedding light on the stories and lives of the talented individuals who create each and every piece.

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Mona Das Adhikary

Smoky Hill Library

I am a versatile artist skilled in a myriad of artistic styles, spanning from traditional Indian motifs to abstract expressions. My preferred painting medium is acrylic, allowing me to intricately blend my creativity and bring forth my unique vision onto the canvas. Within my artwork, one finds a reflection of the purest hues and graceful contours, echoing the essence of both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

What is your favorite piece in the show, and why?
Selecting a favorite art is challenging, as each art piece I create directly expresses my innermost emotions. Without a profound connection to my heart and soul, the creation of any art, whether traditional or abstract, remains elusive.

What motivates you to create?
I get inspiration from various forms of art and culture, particularly drawn to the ancient and tribal expressions of Indian art. My own emotions and experiences often serve as catalysts, fueling my creative endeavors.

What message do you want your art to convey to viewers?
I aspire for my artwork to evoke a profound sense of my innermost emotions, the richness of my tradition and resonate with the boundless depths of love.

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Katherine Buckius

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Although not a true native, Katherine Buckius claims her home base to be Denver Colorado. Katherine moved here from Buffalo, New York in her late twenties after repeated visits and exposure to the glorious flower gardens in Denver, and excursions to the magical Rocky Mountains. Taking up photography was her way of going deeper into the hiking, skiing and travel experiences she had over the years. It offered a way to capture the moments of wonder in nature and make them last. However, it was only after retiring from her 36-year teaching career that she discovered the power of pastel painting. This vibrant and forgiving medium allowed her to reinterpret her visions of the natural world. Her intention is always to bring to her viewers the magic and beauty she experiences while creating her paintings.

The series of work presented here was created over the last 5 years. The paintings reflect her focus on light and shadow, and how they make a moment in time and space come alive. To see her complete body of work, or to purchase a piece, please take a card with you, and refer to her website, or call the artist directly.

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