Art Gallery Exhibitions: September 2022

September 1–30, 2022

Arapahoe Libraries is proud to host art exhibits each month at Eloise May, Koelbel and Smoky Hill libraries. Library galleries offer the community a place to view a variety of art at no cost while also providing visibility to local artists. A volunteer art selection committee selects exhibits based on artistic quality, variety of exhibits and the suitability of format for each exhibit space. 

Have a question about the galleries or interested in showcasing your art? Visit the Art Galleries page for more information.


Paint Box Guild of Littleton: The Artful Mind

Koelbel Library

Paint Box Guild of Littleton maintains a varied membership of professional and amateur artists working in all art mediums. The goal of the Guild is to provide artistic support and camaraderie while encouraging the members to pursue individual accomplishments. We promote the creation of original fine art by our members and hold an annual all-member juried show promoting the highest standards of originality and composition. Our membership is actively involved in showing art, both individually and as a group.

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Thad J. McCauley: Art on Record

Eloise May Library

I am a visual artist and public school art teacher. This series of works is exploring drawing with paint pens onto upcycled vinyl records. The images are based on popular cultural ideas: Movies, TV Shows, Hip-Hop, Song Lyrics, and Childhood Memories.

What is your favorite piece in the show and why?
I really like the drawing of the Grape Ape sitting on top for the mixtape. It is inspired by my favorite band Beastie Boys and their song ‘Flute Loop.’

“A little wine with my dinner so I'm in my Grape Ape
I feel like a winner when I make a mixtape
Cause I get ill when I'm on the pause button
And I get my fill and you can't say nothing”

What motivates you to create?
I create art because it allows me to clear my mind and relax. The best part of drawing is when you find a nirvana during the middle of your work time and you are focused on nothing else than the artwork.

Who are your biggest artists' influences?
I love the comic book style of Jim ‘Food One’ Mahfood, as well as the Sci-Fi world creation illustrations of Ralph McQuarrie.

What message do you want your art to convey to viewers?
Very simple… make and enjoy art, because art won’t hurt you!

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Bob Doyle: Colorado Explored

Smoky Hill Library

My art comes from an awakening of my creative interests prompted by the beauty of the outdoors.

In this exhibit I feature some of the many wonders of Colorado, my home state for nearly 50 years. Many of the paintings in this exhibit are from my personal collection. Each has a story that I am happy to share. Maybe these paintings will resonate with some of your Colorado experiences too.

My mother was an accomplished artist. Initially I learned to paint from her in order to spend time together during her last years on this planet. That all began in the early 1990s. Since retirement, a little over 10 years ago, I have painted much more, tried new things and learned a lot. I encourage you to do the same. As any artist knows, it is a continuous journey.

For me that journey is at the intersection of places I have experienced with family and friends that create memories and sometimes art. I paint with oils and pastels. I mostly paint landscapes from photos, but also flowers, structures, people and paint smaller plein air paintings (see Big Thompson).

I enjoy working with a pallet knife because it often produces a looser, more textured result as exemplified in the painting Trout Pond.

On September 17 & 18, 2022 I will be selling my art at the outdoor art fair Art on the Green in Curtis Park, near the intersection of S. University Blvd. and E. Orchard Road. This will be the 3rd year doing this show and it is the one time each year that I work to assemble my art for sale to the public. I encourage you to come by and see all the great art by many accomplished Colorado artists.

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