Changing Availability of DVDs at the Library

The State of Movie and TV Publishing and the Effect on the Arapahoe Libraries Collection

At Arapahoe Libraries, we work to provide a robust film and TV collection for our patrons. With the increase in streaming, the manufacturing and availability of DVDs is decreasing. Frequently, studios delay a release to DVD or choose to not release it at all in favor of offering the title via streaming. We are seeing increasing cases where a studio indicates they will release a title on DVD and later rescind that decision, leaving the library to cancel the waiting holds.

How we watch movies and TV is changing, but Arapahoe Libraries is committed to providing our patrons with physical movies and TV as long as we are able, and as long as our community demands it. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these changes that are outside of our control.

For streaming services available through the library, check out hoopla, OverDrive/Libby and Kanopy.