Arapahoe Libraries: Committed to Environmental Improvements

Silver Leader Partner in the Environmental Leadership Program

Arapahoe Libraries is a new member of Environmental Leadership Program, opens a new window, a statewide environmental program that recognizes organizations that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations while remaining committed to implementing continuous environmental improvements. After an extensive application process, and providing metrics and benchmarking data for energy efficiency, water conservation, product purchasing, recycling initiatives, Arapahoe Libraries is committing to meeting milestones each year and to keep improving our environmental impact. 

Responsible Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Fully dark-sky compliant exterior LED lighting to help eliminate light pollution
  • Interior LED lighting inside libraries 
  • Responsibly sourced paper products in restrooms
  • Daylight harvesting plan to reduce artificial light use and save energy
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints
  • Solar installed at Castlewood Library
Waste Minimization & Diversion
  • Biannual hazardous waste disposal
  • Single stream recycling for #1–7
  • Recycling of disposable gloves, plastic bags, lamps and writing instruments
  • 100% recyclable soap and sanitizer bottles with 25% post-consumer content 
  • New construction uses materials with large amounts of recycled content
  • Worn carpet squares are 100% recyclable 
Water Conservation & Quality
  • To minimize irrigation water use, native vegetation, drip systems, mulch and xeriscaping is used
  • Water sensors to help prevent watering during rain
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption
  • Waterless urinals and automatic faucets help minimize water use