Love My Air

Air Quality Sensors Installed at Arapahoe Libraries Locations

Arapahoe Libraries is working with the Colorado Local Entity Air Network (CLEAN) to host air quality sensors at Sheridan, Eloise May and Smoky Hill libraries as part of the Love My Air program.

Current air quality by library:

What is Love My Air?

The Love My Air program works to improve outdoor air quality by increasing air pollution awareness and expanding air quality monitoring. It combines near real-time hyper-local air quality data, educational programming, air quality outreach and advocacy. 

The mission of Love My Air is to empower communities to live better and longer by reducing air pollution and limiting exposure through behavior change, advocacy, and community engagement.

Why should my community get involved?

Children are more susceptible to air pollution's acute and long-term health effects, including decreased lung function, increased respiratory infections, and missed days of school. In fact, asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism and is exacerbated by air pollution, especially particulate matter.

By participating in the Love My Air program, we can help reduce our exposure to poor outdoor air quality and educate our community about the impacts of air quality.

How does this program work?

We are working in collaboration with the Colorado Local Entity Air Network (CLEAN). Air quality data is available online. Community members, leaders, staff, and coaches can use the data to make informed decisions about their exposure to poor air quality and use behavior change initiatives to help reduce air pollution locally.

We are also exploring how to incorporate air quality data into programming and operations to create lasting change and build community awareness.

Love My Air program participants receive:

  • Air quality programming content
  • Air quality sensor and data display
  • Resources to reduce pollution (ex: anti-idling campaigns)
  • Communication and outreach tools to increase awareness around air quality

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