“Saving the Planet Earth” Sculpture at Eloise May Library

M.T.O. Sustainability Art Exhibit

A new sculpture is on display at Eloise May Library. The statue was installed by M.T.O. Sustainability, School of Islamic Sufism, which is a nonprofit organization committed to the sustainability and prosperity of our environment.

The sculpture is named "Saving the Planet Earth" and was designed and created by students of M.T.O. using ordinary household items that would normally be disposed and wasted. The purpose of the exhibit is to encourage people to make use of such scraps in a different and creative way.

This artwork portrays a phoenix bird, symbolizing M.T.O.'s efforts toward sustainability, rescuing the planet from environmental waste and pollution, and to demonstrate how remnants of simple objects and materials around us can be converted into artwork.

Learn more about M.T.O. Sustainability's mission at  https://www.mtosustainability.org/, opens a new window.