Website Navigation Updates

Updated February 1

Website navigation header changes are live! In response to patron feedback and as the result of user testing, we have completed the following initiatives:

  1. Making the databases more accessible, enabling patrons to easily navigate through the multitude of databases in the updated Research tab.
  2. Highlighting the unique services we offer in the revised Services tab. Links will continually be added to this tab as we continue to promote more of our services.
  3. Making it easier for patrons to discover/find eLibrary resources (such as Overdrive). For example, Overdrive (eBooks and audiobooks) is now easily discoverable through both the Books page and the eLibrary page within the Browse the Library tab.
  4. Making the catalog user-friendly for our Russian and Spanish speaking patrons by creating a translated navigation header available. Patrons are able to change their preferred language in the catalog to Russian or Spanish via a drop down menu located left of the Hours & Locations button. 

If you have any questions or comments, let us know!