Technology Mission Statement

Arapahoe Libraries aims to support its mission of empowering our communities by providing access to technology and serving as a resource for the community to learn more about established and emerging technologies.

Arapahoe Libraries strives to provide patrons with up-to-date software and emerging technologies to ensure the latest devices and programs are available to the community.

With increased access to technology, patrons can expand their skillset and access to information. Arapahoe Libraries provides opportunities for digital literacy by offering technology, programming, training and one-on-one help with knowledgeable staff.

Patrons of every age, background and level of expertise can find the help they need at Arapahoe Libraries. Whether you are navigating computers for the first time or attempting to learn a new coding language — the libraries have the resources and materials to assist our community.

Access to information and technology directly impacts our ability to interact with others. To provide relevant and cutting-edge technology, Arapahoe Libraries carefully researches and communicates any changes made to existing technology.

Current and emerging technologies can come with a learning curve and often result in glitches and errors. To assist in maintaining and modifying available technology, Arapahoe Libraries considers community feedback and embraces the growth opportunities that can result from unforeseen challenges.

Arapahoe Libraries believes that both patrons and library staff are the most valuable technological resources. Arapahoe Libraries invests in continued education and support for staff, which will result in top-notch resources for our community.

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