Arapahoe Libraries is proud to display artwork at each of its' locations. Learn about some of the artists on view now at Castlewood Library.

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Marie-Luise Vaughn was a professional artist born and raised in northern Germany.

During her youth, she traveled extensively throughout Europe enjoying the sights of London, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris and Athens. It was a journey of discovery for her. Seeing the awe-inspiring work of Michelangelo prompted her to study art and the creative process during the 1980s and later attend various art workshops. Over the years, she evolved from working with charcoal and graphite pencil, diving into watercolors, and later enjoyed creating abstract acrylic paintings.

Vaughn studied under Tadashi Hayakawa. She studied art while living in Germany at the local institute of art during the 1980s and 1990s, though she largely is self-taught.


I have discovered that creating vibrant, bold, colorful abstract acrylic paintings is where my heart is — my true passion! You are looking at the results. On a personal note, my hobbies include exploring the Colorado mountains. I also visit Germany regularly, specifically my home state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, which is wedged between the North Sea and Baltic Sea. It is a small strip of land with its own unique traditions, culture, food and flair.

"Abundance X" by Marie Vaughn 1955-2023, Acrylic on canvas, Denver, CO




Tony Zellaha is an artist living and working in Denver. His works are largely based on the relationships between humans and nature. Known for his colorful, whimsical style, Zellaha divides his time between large-scale, site-specific murals; chalk and pastel art; and acrylic paintings on various surfaces. He studied fine arts at Colorado State University and received a BFA with a graphic design concentration. He has produced both public and private commissioned work for collectors and businesses.


This library is a special place for me, and I visited frequently as I grew up here in the area. I'm very pleased to have my artwork in this branch and I'm excited that I can come back to see it.

For this piece I wanted to express a literal and metaphorical idea about the worlds we can discover by reading. When I read a book, I visit wonderful new places and always find new ways to see my own universe. I love it! As a kid living in Littleton in the ‘80s, I visited this library regularly. Working on this mural conjured feelings of fond nostalgia. I hope the bright colors and whimsical movement of the piece serve as a fun reminder of the joys of going to the library.

"Finding Worlds Unknown" by Tony Zellaha, Dry Pastels on Prepared Wood Panels
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