2017 50th Anniversary Albums

1967 was an exciting year for music. Bands in the US and Britain were stretching musical boundaries with new technology and combining elements of classical, jazz and folk music into new forms of rock. Fresh singer-songwriters were appearing with unique voices. The "Summer of Love" featured many bands expressing the counterculture of the time. Several albums […]

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Musician Biographical Movies 2016

Movies offer us a unique opportunity to glimpse the creative process, or someone's interpretation of a famous musician's process. It's turning into a big year for musician biopics. With plenty of Hollywood buzz, a few of these might come up again around Oscars time. In Miles Ahead Don Cheadle, who also directed the film, brilliantly […]

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2016 Movie Remakes

Most frequently horror films and super heroes are rebooted and repackaged in new versions. Hollywood's latest batch of remakes cover gladiators, gunslingers, dragons and childrens classics. Was the original not good enough? Will modern technology improve upon an animated classic? Is there a new generation unaware they are watching a new interpretation? Regardless, whenever Hollywood remakes […]

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When Musical Worlds Combine

Musical collaborations are often the most talked about moments of award shows, benefit concerts and music festivals. Too seldom do those collaborators end up creating and recording new music together. In the last several months we’ve seen surprising collaborations where the resulting album seems greater than the sum of its parts. Primus frontman Les Claypool […]

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