Create Awesome Social Media Marketing

Many people who start a small business are not excited about marketing on social media. They might have heard that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or that you have to pay for ads to reach customers. I hope to dispel these myths and offer resources to build your social media marketing skills.

Why would you listen to me?

When I started my first librarian job at a small town library in northern Colorado, there was no one managing their social media. I asked if I could give it a try, and the library director gave me the green light. Over two years, I learned how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote the library's resources and programs. I also created a simple spreadsheet to track the increase in followers, likes, etc. Thanks to my adventure in social media marketing, I have an odd amount of experience and passion for the topic.

Online Courses for Marketing

Now on to the good stuff! To help small business owners and entrepreneurs get started, I recommend courses on LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as, which are free with your library card. Below, I've highlighted several LinkedIn Learning courses and provided tips and suggestions. You can view the entire collection of courses at Social Media Marketing Plan for Small Businesses, opens a new window.

For anyone who is in their car, rather than in front of their computer, I also created a list of audiobooks: Audiobooks - Social Media Savvy for Small Business Owners, opens a new window.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business, opens a new window

Instructor: Martin Waxman | Length: 33m | Created: September 2023 
The foundation to successful marketing is based on your business and goals. No matter where you are in your social media experience, start here. This work will help you determine which social media platforms are most worth your time and effort.

Business Librarian Pro Tip: If you would like assistance defining your target customers or creating your "customer persona," check out the database DemographicsNow or submit an Ask a Librarian request for assistance from me.

Marketing on Facebook, opens a new window

Instructor: Megan Adams | Length: 47m| Created: April 2023
If you've decided that Facebook is right for your business, this course shows you how to set up your business page, create posts and use the scheduling options. The last section is especially awesome because it shows you how to use Facebook Insights to track your views, followers and reactions. 

Business Librarian Pro Tips: If you'd like assistance setting up your Facebook business page, spend some time with a Technology Specialist. They'll help you get started and ready to go! 

Marketing on Instagram, opens a new window

Instructor: Anson Alexander | Length: 1h 39m | Released: August 2021
Learn how to get set up on Instagram, and use the built-in tools to set up a posting schedule based on your target market. This training also has tips for using hashtags and gathering metrics to determine if you're going in the right direction.

Social Media Savvy Tip: If you're in the business of making beautiful things (cake pops, wedding cakes, art and so much more), you will likely find customers on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter (aka X), opens a new window

Instructor: Megan Adams | Length: 1h 4m | Released: February 2023
Get set up for success on Facebook and Twitter with this training. The instructor provides an overview of how to build a marketing strategy on Facebook and X (aka Twitter). 

Social Media Savvy Tip: Twitter often requires the most work and monitoring as a platform, so if your audience isn't there, you don't need to be. It's better to have one active social media account, than several dormant ones.

Marketing on LinkedIn, opens a new window

Instructor: Michaela Alexis| Length: 35m | Released: February 2024
For businesses that are marketing to other businesses (aka B2B), LinkedIn can be one of the best places to establish credibility, build a network and market your business. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and create great content in this course.

Social Media Monitoring: Strategies and Skills, opens a new window

Instructor: Max Waxman | Length: 37m | Released: November 2020
Having accounts on social media requires monitoring them: answering customer questions, deleting off-color comments and looking for opportunities to engage with potential customers.  

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