Creating a Business Logo With Artificial Intelligence

When starting a business, many people may struggle with creating a logo for their business.  A good logo has the potential to become an emblem, instantly recognized and associated with your business. The good news is that artificial intelligence now makes it easier to design and create a logo.

Why a Logo Matters

 While creating a logo may seem like just another hurdle to starting a business, it's not just that.  There are several reasons why a logo serves as a marketing tool that provides customer recognition and differentiates your business from competitors.

Brand Recognition: A logo is the face of your brand, serving as an emblematic representation. Think of iconic logos like Apple’s apple or Nike’s swoosh; they're instantly recognizable, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust.

Memorability: A well-designed logo sticks in people's minds. It's a visual cue that triggers brand recall. In a competitive market, being memorable is a significant advantage.

Establishes Credibility: A professional-looking logo communicates credibility. It's often the first impression customers have of your brand and influences perceptions about your products or services.

Sets You Apart: A unique logo distinguishes you from competitors. It conveys what makes your brand special to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Designing a Logo with Artificial Intelligence

Logos should be memorable, unique and simple. That's a lot to ask, especially if you're making one for the first time. So why not make the process simpler by taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that exist for this purpose? AI tools can provide everything from design ideas to completely automated design generation.
  • If you want to spend money on designing and finalizing a logo, I would suggest using Looka, opens a new window, Logopony, opens a new window or Designs.AI, opens a new window.
    • Each of these websites uses AI to help create a logo. 
    • To start, they will ask you a few questions and provide a few logo options for you to select or customize based on your answers. 
    • Once you have a logo you like, you can pay to receive the final file. If you are working with others and need to get their approval, you can take a screenshot of that logo and plan to pay afterward.
    • The price for these services ranges from $8 to $50.
  • To create a logo for free, I would suggest using one of the tools above and then creating the logo for free in Canva or VistaCreate.
    • In my experience, it's possible to create a free logo in Canva but you'll spend a lot of time scrolling through paid design elements to find the free ones. I haven't tried out VistaCreate yet.

How to Finalize and Use Your Logo

After creating and saving a logo, share it with several trusted friends or regular clients and ask them for feedback. 
Questions to ask them may include:
  • Can you easily read the business name in the logo? 
  • Does the logo look professional?
  • Does it remind you of any other business logo? 
  • Is there anything about the logo that is confusing or unclear? 
After you ask people for feedback, review what everyone said and see if there are any issues that multiple people identified. 
If one person doesn't like your logo, don't despair. Everyone has different aesthetic preferences, and it's okay if not everyone loves your logo. 
Once you've finalized your logo, you'll want to download a high-quality image file, such as a Portable Network Graphics, which will likely just be called a PNG. 
If possible, get a version of your logo with a white background and a version with a transparent background. Keep in mind where you'll want to display your new logo such as your website, social media, business cards and letterhead. 

Additional Resources for Your Logo or Business

A well-designed logo is a great step in creating a brand and marketing plan for a small business.  If you'd like help with creating or improving how you market your business, the Arapahoe Library has resources to help you! 
  • Schedule a free one-on-one appointment with our Business Librarian to get connected with the best resources and information; from learning to perform market research to instructions on creating a free website. 
  • Technology Specialists are frequently available in-person, online, by chat or by appointment to help you navigate and troubleshoot technology questions.
  • Digital Media Stations are available to reserve at several locations. These stations include a Surface Pro desktop computer, a color scanner and access to the Adobe Creative Cloud. 
  • Check out our ebook collection of business resources including Principles of Logo Design, Logo Design Workbook and more!