Evaluating News Sources

Overwhelmed by the amount of news? Not sure what sources to trust? Now more than ever it is up to each individual to try to spot fake news.

Tips for Evaluating Info Sources

Overwhelmed by the amount of news? Not sure what sources to trust? According to FactCheck.org, opens a new window and the International Federation of Library Associations, opens a new window, these are some good steps to determine whether a news story is credible.

  1. Consider the source. Click away from the story to investigate the site, its mission and its contact info.
  2. Read beyond the headline. Headlines can be outrageous in effort to get clicks. Go beyond headlines.
  3. Check the author. Do a quick Google search on the author. Are they credible?
  4. Determine if sources support the story. Click those links. Determine if the subsequent info actually supports the story.
  5. Check the date.
  6. Consider that it might be satire. If it seems too outlandish, it might be satire. Do some quick research on the site and author to find out.
  7. Check your biases.
  8. Ask the experts. Ask a librarian, or consult one of the fact-checking sites outlined below.    

You can also view this Media Bias Chart, opens a new window which rates the political biases of various news organizations.

Fact Checking Sites

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