LinkedIn Learning Courses for Digital Media Station Patrons

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, is a great resource for Digital Media Station patrons. LinkedIn Learning allows library card holders to access a vast amount of courses, including many related to digitizing, editing and archiving taught by recognized industry experts. And, you can learn at your own pace!

Be sure to log in with your library card, opens a new window to access the following courses free of charge!

Surface Pro, opens a new window

Surface Pro's recently replaced the Mac desktop computers at our Digital Media Stations. Yes, that means some software has changed as well. Patrons who are already familiar or comfortable with using a Dell, HP or other type of Windows based computer will find the Surface Pro familiar and quite easy to use. Learn more in the 58-minute course! 

Topics include:

  • Mastering touch controls in Windows 10
  • Switching between tablet mode and desktop mode
  • Launching applications and multitasking in tablet mode
  • Using the on-screen touch keyboard
  • Using the Surface Pen
  • Using the Surface Pen with OneNote and other apps
  • Setting a PIN code for fast login
  • Fingerprint and face unlocking with Microsoft Hello

Digitizing Snapshots and Archiving Them, opens a new window 

Learn how to better digitize, organize and archive your photos in this 2-hour course! 

Topics include:

  • Preserving digital media
  • Transferring images to your computer
  • Creating an ultralight backup system for travel
  • Sending images from cameras to mobile devices
  • Internal vs. external hard drives
  • Organizing photos in managed vs. referenced catalogs
  • Archiving images from older hard drives
  • Integrating cloud services
  • Making prints
  • Digitizing snapshots

Photo Archiving: Preserving Family Memories, opens a new window

There are various ways to preserve your digitized photos. This 52-minute course will show you how!

Topics include:

  • Getting organizing
  • Culling the best images
  • Saving two local copies of each photo
  • Storing photos on the cloud
  • Posting photos to social media
  • Printing photos
  • Accessing archived images easily

Video Editing Fundamentals, opens a new window

Are you interested in the basics of video editing to enhance your digitized home movies? Then this brief 37-minute course is for you!

Introduction to Video Editing, opens a new window

Take your skills to the next level with this 3-hour course covering the technical aspects of video editing.

Topics include:

  • Exploring an editor's role in storytelling
  • Understanding film grammar
  • Learning when to follow and when to break editing "rules"
  • Exploring shot and lens movement, as well as timing and pacing
  • Getting to know video editing software
  • Editing narrative scenes
  • Editing documentaries
  • Looking at the role of sound design, effects, and color correction
  • Next steps for training and development
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