Marvel Playlist Part 1: What Would the Characters Listen To?

Are you a Marvel universe movie junkie? These comic-based films have done an incredible job making characters leap off the page and bringing to life the personalities we envisioned. With over 23 movies and counting (with releases of mini-series on Disney+ of WandaVision and The Falcon and Winter Soldier) our love for the fictional storylines continues to grow.

Over the years we've seen these characters develop and change, and it made us we know the characters well enough to guess what kind of music they listen to? Here's our compilation of albums/songs we think best fit the Marvel main characters.

Part 2 is now available!

Iron Man/Tony Stark

Tony Stark is the first character we're introduced to in 2008 and what could be more fitting for him than 'Back in Black' by AC/DC as the opening song? This genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist has a love for hard rock and is even seen rocking a Black Sabbath shirt in the films. Iron Man's gotta be a little rebellious, right?

The Ultimate Collection - Black Sabbath

Back in Black - AC/DC

Captain America/Steve Rogers

Being frozen in time for nearly 70 years, Steve Rogers would definitely be considered an "old soul"! He's still playing catch up on years of pop culture (which we threw in a little bit), but it's safe to say he's still into classic swing and barbershop.

In the Mood - Glenn Miller

The New Classics - Postmodern Jukebox


This Nordic God of Thunder is a slight enigma when it comes to musical tastes. From the moment we meet him to the final Endgame, he is probably the most developed character, experiencing a wide range of emotions. At the same time, he can still kick almost anyone's butt with the Mjölnir hammer, so we went with some lightning-based logic.

Led Zeppelin III - Immigrant Song

Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Hulk/Bruce Banner

Talk about polar opposites of one man. Banner is seen calmly working to classical music to keep the beast at bay. If he were to listen to anything else, we thought it best be Of Monsters and Men, since he is part monster and part man. Hulk? Hulk smash. Hulk like no music.

Beneath the Skin - Of Monsters and Men

La mer - Debussy

Black Panther/King T'Challa

What would the new king of Wakanda listen to? He feels a huge responsibility to his people and keeping the legacy of the animal within, also taking the incredible modernization and technology of Wakanda to the world. Some of our favorites include NAS, and Afrofuturist aesthetic music. 

Life Is Good - NAS

The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monae

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff's past is a mystery apart from the fact that she trained to be an assassin in the KGB and knows Hawkeye. She's struggled to understand her feelings towards her work, friends and potentially Bruce Banner... and yet she's very fond of her Avengers family, which is why we chose some songs that deal with facing tough emotions. 

Positions - Ariana Grande

Reflection - Fifth Harmony


Seeing that Vision is an accidental culmination of JARVIS, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and the mind stone, he could like a wide range of music... or not? Being part robot and mind of man, we think he splits his love of music between deep human emotions and techno.

25 - Adele

Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Scarlett Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Considered to potentially be the most powerful Avenger with powers of psychokinesis, matter manipulation, flight and more, what music would she enjoy? Would it be tunes from her past or darker emo genres since many don't understand her or her power? She would definitely be considered one 'Dark Horse.'

Pablo Honey - Radiohead

The Bitter Truth - Evanescence

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Peter Parker is the epitome of a coming-of-age, awkward teen, but is passionate about helping out as friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. So what kind of music fits him? He would probably relax to indie rock genres, but Blitzkrieg Bop would match his all over the place attitude sometimes.

Hey, Ho! Let's Go! - The Ramones

Everything Hits at Once - Spoon

Doctor Strange

Although Doctor Strange is not the same after learning the mystic arts, he still has phenomenal music tastes. To help him focus he jammed out The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire and showed a solid knowledge too. He is all about the classics of soft rock and artists from the '60s and '70s. 

Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan

The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Have another song or artist you think is a perfect match for one of these characters? Let us know in the comments!