Multigenerational and Cohousing Living Are on the Rise!

It is no wonder many of us are reconsidering the way we want to live given the pandemic repercussions, cost of housing, working from home isolation and so much of social interactions now being online.

The concept of cohousing and multigenerational housing are not new for many cultures and countries such as Denmark, opens a new window and India, opens a new window, though a relatively new and growing trend in the United States for the last 10 years. 

​Multigenerational Housing

According to Generations United, opens a new window, 1 in 4 Americans currently reside in multigenerational homes with 3 or more generations living together. The West leads the US in intergenerational living, with Colorado having the 7th highest number of multigenerational households in the nation in a study cited by Smart Assets, opens a new window.


Here are some further resources on multigenerational housing that might interest you: 


Another trend on the rise outside of the nuclear family household is cohousing and homesharing. This usually includes intentional housing created with some separate living space mixed with communal living areas. This could be kitchens and dining areas and/or outdoor yards. 


Organizations that work in the growing cohousing field include:

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