Keep Learning Through the Library

Kids out of school, but you want them to keep their minds fresh and not interrupt any learning? We have resources for any subject and any age. Keep reading to see what we have to offer!


The States Edition allows you to explore different states and find out fun facts like what the climate is like, flag information and even recipes associated with the state. Once you’ve made it through all the states, you can move on to the World Edition!


Explora lets you “explora” your favorite subjects, like animals, language arts, science and health and more. Like, why are milk snakes called milk snakes? It’s not what a popular myth may tell you! Explora offers different versions for elementary, middle school and high school.

Biography in Context

Features a vast array of people from historically significant figures to present-day newsmakers. It's continuously updated to ensure access to the latest information.

Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection

Learn more about the history of Colorado with headlines from the past! You can read newspapers published in the 1800s, like what was Elitch Gardens like in 1898?

Learning Express Library

Take lessons to build skills in math, reading, grammar and vocabulary. Take practice tests for GED, SAT and ACT. Aimed more toward the older kids and adults to provide valuable resources to make you more successful in school and work.

Scholastic GO

Scholastic GO doesn’t just offer encyclopedias and world news, you can also watch Go Tube videos, perfect for your video-loving kid. The Go Tube library features videos about 3D printing, Apollo 11, black Holes and engineering, just to name a few.

Those are just a handful of the multitudes of homework and learning resources we have for kids of all ages. To see what else we have and what your kid might enjoy, visit one our homework resources pages.