When Kids Ask About LGBTQ+

Do You or Your Child Have Questions?

New gender and sexuality terms and concepts are bubbling up in common culture. Children are curious about the world and the people around them and may start asking you questions.

Maybe you're looking for guidance on gender identity issues to better understand your own child or help your child understand a friend.

Perhaps you've heard of families who are trying not to conform to the gender binary as they raise their children, but you're not quite sure what that means.

Find Answers

Whether for your own family or just to educate yourself, the Human Rights Campaign, opens a new window website is a good place to look for information, supportive resources for LGBTQ+ families, book lists for children ages pre-K and up, and suggestions for how to talk to young children about gender and sexuality.

Other Resources

Find additional information on these sites:

  • GLAAD has a collection of LGBTQ+ resources organized by interest.
  • The CDC's page for LGBTQ+  youth health and resources.
  • Pflag.org, opens a new window is one of the best places for information about LGBTQ+ issues and support.
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) provides fact sheets, best practices, and more resources for supporting LGBTQ+ youth.