Sing Your Way to Literacy

Summer is here! Time to pack up the car for a trip to the zoo, the mountains or visit grandparents. A wonderful way to pass the time while in the car is by singing!

Singing songs with new words and concepts is a fun and engaging way to help build your child's vocabulary. Having a large vocabulary will help children later when they are starting to sound out or recognize words as they learn how to read.  

Here are some easy ways to incorporate singing in everyday life with children: 
  • Start with familiar/favorite songs and tunes. 
  • Use recordings to introduce new songs. 
  • Sing throughout the day and make up your own songs to introduce new words. 
  • Talk about the meanings of new words in songs. 
  • Share favorite songs from your childhood.

For more information on singing and early literacy, read this article from our friends at the Colorado Virtual Library.

Looking for some sing-along inspiration? Check out these family favorites!

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