On the Road Again

Looking for ways to keep kids occupied on a long car trip? We've got what you need!


The library offers plenty of eBooks to download to tablets or e-readers. Audiobooks for the whole family are available, too.


Arapahoe Libraries has children's CDs and downloadable music. Be sure to play some of your favorite music, too!


 Repurpose a metal cookie sheet as a drawing table. Fasten coloring sheets to it with magnets and provide crayons. Place magnets on the back of shapes and let your child's imagination out to play.

Car games!

  •  The tried and true method of parents everywhere.
    • I Spy. Each player takes a turn picking out an item in the car (or on another car on the road). The first player to guess what they're thinking of gets to go next.
    • The Alphabet Game. You can play one of two ways. The first is finding each letter of the alphabet, in order, on a sign or license plate. The second is to find an object that starts with that letter of the alphabet. Rotate through the players or keep score of who finds it the fastest.
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors. The classic game is perfect for the car. For inspiration, read The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors  by Drew Daywalt.
    • The Picnic Game. "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing apples." "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing banana bread." You can play this with any number of places, such as the circus, the grocery store or an amusement park.
    • Team Storytelling. How Stuff Works, opens a new window suggests this cooperative form of entertainment. Use your imagination or a set of story cubes for inspiration.
    • Red Car, Blue Car. Pick a color car and have everyone in the car keep their eyes out. When a car of that color is spotted, the finder can pick the next color.

What games do you play when you're on the road? What other tips and tricks can you share with us about travelling with children?