Parks and Rec Playlist: What Would the Characters Listen to?

Are you a super-fan of the popular television show Parks & Recreation? This comedic phenomenon is credited with having some of the most memorable and lovable characters of all time. You quickly grow to love the small city of Pawnee, Indiana and all of the wacky people that come out of it. 

Even the theme song is recognizable by most! As iconic as these characters (and theme song) are, what kind of music do they listen to? Excluding Mouse Rat's masterful hits or 'Catch Your Dream', we've LITERALLY found the BEST songs possible (well at least Chris Traeger thinks so). 

Leslie Knope

Can you imagine a more passionate, energetic and committed government employee? Perhaps she loves Fleetwood Mac (according to a concert ticket in her suit)? You can't forget "Get on Your Feet" by Gloria Estefan for her red carpet walk. But really, its all about woman power.  Who runs the world? Girls!



Ron Swanson

This man loves the simple things: pretty women, whiskey and breakfast food. If you left him alone in the woods the rest of his life he wouldn't complain. Will smooth jazz make it into his music mix? Duke Silver, yes. Ron, not so much. Simple artists for a simple man.


The Greatest

Tom Haverford

This entrepreneur dreamer, "Tommy Timberlake" loves staying in the know. If there is any musician that he deems worthy, you bet it will be blasted on DJ Roomba. He may think Pawnee is the opposite of hip but his playlist in bringing life to a party.

Tha Carter V


Andy Dwyer

What does the "rock star" of Mouse Rat listen to? Well, obviously his favorite band is Mouse Rat... or would it be Johnny Karate? He is a man of many talents with an ability to write songs about pretty much anything. However, we think he has an affinity for some great alternative rock. Our personal favorite: 5000 Candles in the Wind., opens a new window

Greatest Hits

Under the Table and Dreaming

April Ludgate

If you know April, you know she hates everything. But what we do know is that she only listens to German death reggae and Halloween sound effects from the 1950s. She also totally gets Andy's music. So what does she actually listen to? The more indie, the better!

The Sound of the Smiths


Donna Meagle

The queen of Treat Yo' Self could like practically anything musical. Her cousin is Ginuwine, opens a new window, but she also loves Twilight and "Downton Abbey," so her musical tastes are just as illusive as she is. Her Mercedes Benz gets a mention from 50 Cent...seems fitting right? But maybe not?

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Downton Abbey

Chris Traeger

Can you imagine a more upbeat, full of life city manager? We don't think any kind of music could disappoint his relentless cheeriness. He even loved jamming to banjo music. If he can LITERALLY find anything to dance to we can find music he'll love.

Andy Grammer


Ann Perkins

The "beautiful, sassy mannequin come to life" and "cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish," best friend of Leslie Knope is a mastermind of music mixes. She's always ready to meet you where you're at to provide the best tunes for the right situation. We couldn't select out of all her amazing picks, so here are some mixes she would approve of.

Now That's What I Call Movies - Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ben Wyatt

This guy would be considered an major audiophile. He takes turn tables and elliptical cartridges very seriously, especially to keep his records in mint condition. So what hip tracks does he jam out to? Early '90s all day!

The Best of R.E.M. at the BBC

Savage Young Dü

Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry/Garry Gergich

Probably would have been overlooked by most people unless you know his music tastes. This man has an incredible family and loves his job with the parks department. With many talents such as painting and playing the piano, he actually has outstanding taste in music too!

The Hits

Piano Serenity

Have another song or artist you think is a perfect match for one of these characters? Let us know in the comments!