Road Trips and Fun DO Mix

You've got them in the car and a long road trip ahead. What to do?!

I've collected some easy travel games with limited materials you can do to while away the hours to your destination.

Travel Games

Games are great for keeping our little ones focused on the joy of the journey! Try these 21 road trip games from Great Wolf Lodge.

For a variation on the window theme, I have two words: gel clings. You can get them cheap from a dollar store. They'll even work on planes! Thank you, How to Be Awesome at Everything, opens a new window!

Is everyone getting antsy? Take The Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide, opens a new window's advice and break out the bubbles. Hold the wand up to the air vents and let the fun begin. (number 9 in the post)

Spark conversation and thinking with these kid-friendly "would you rather" questions from Quirky Bohemian Mommy, opens a new window.

Do you have a tried and true method for keeping your little ones occupied on long trips? Please share in the comments!