October Is National Book Month: Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

National Book Month is celebrated in October each year to promote the importance of reading. Reading is a fundamental skill that everyone should develop, but it is especially important for children.

Reading helps children:

  • Develop their vocabulary and language skills
  • Improve their comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Expand their knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Develop their creativity and imagination
  • Improve their focus and concentration
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase their empathy and compassion

Reading is a great way for children to bond with their caregivers! When you read to a child, you are sharing a special moment with them and helping them to develop that love of reading.

How can I support the love of reading in my child?

  • Start reading to your child from birth. Even babies enjoy listening to stories and they especially enjoy the sound of your voice telling those stories.
  • Make reading into a daily habit by carving out special times of the day dedicated to reading. 
  • Choose books that align with your child's age and interests. Better yet, let them choose what to read!
  • Make reading a fun and relaxing experience. Sit with your child in a comfortable spot and read together aloud.
  • Talk to your child about the books you read together. Ask them questions about the characters, the plot, and the themes of the story. You can even make up a new ending if your child doesn't like it.
  • Take your child to the library or bookstore on a regular basis. Let them browse the shelves and choose books that they are interested in.
  • Set an example for your child by reading yourself. Children are more likely to read if they see their caregivers enjoying reading as well.
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Looking for ideas to celebrate National Book Month?

  • Check out some new books from your local library or bookstore.
  • Have a family reading night where everyone takes turns reading aloud a section from their favorite book.
  • Attend storytime, opens a new window!
  • Build a fort out of pillows and blankets in your home and make a reading zone.
  • Act out scenes with your child from their favorite books.
  • Plan a book-themed party.
  • Read a book that's been made into a movie or TV show and compare the two.
  • This article from Lulu Junior, opens a new window provides more ideas on how to celebrate National Book Month!

Reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime. By inspiring a love of reading in your child, you are giving them a gift that will help them to succeed in school, in their careers and in life.

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