Slow Down

In the heat of the summer sometimes all you want to do is... nothing. It's just too hot to think of stepping away from the fan and getting active. If that's how you're feeling, don't worry about taking it slow. We've got some suggestions for you!

See the World at a Slower Pace

Sit back and watch videos, opens a new window that will give you the space to unwind. 

Take a virtual hike on Google Earth, opens a new window around the Grand Canyon, in the Scottish Highlands or through other international locales. The best part is you never have to leave home to see the world!

Really cool down as you travel beyond Earth and look at this image, opens a new window and others from the Webb Telescope. The Webb Telescope is operating in conditions of less than -448 degrees Fahrenheit, opens a new window

Slow Activities to Do at Home

Sit back and color famous artworks on Google Arts and Culture, opens a new window on your mobile device. If jigsaw puzzles are more your speed, you can also put together puzzles online, opens a new window that are famous works of art. You can choose your preferred difficulty and invite friends to help.

The library also has virtual programs available. Sit back and listen to a short story with Tales at Teatime, join a virtual book club and meet other readers or attend an author's talk. There are so many options.

Books to Check Out

Looking for even more inspiration to slow down this summer? Here are a few books you might like.

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

Unforgettable Journeys


Nothing Much Happens

Enjoy your slow summer and stay out of the heat!