Taylor Swift Through The Eras

Swifties around the world are buzzing about The Eras Tour, opens a new window, a tribute to each of Taylor Swift, opens a new window's ten studio albums, known as her "musical eras." The all-stadium tour is on track to become the first tour in history to surpass a billion dollars, estimated to gross a staggering $1.4 billion. It all started with a ticketing fiasco due to unprecedented demand causing Ticketmaster's site to crash, yet selling over 2.4 million tickets in a single day. For The Lucky Ones that secured tickets for the Denver show, July 14 & 15 will be The Best Day! The set list, opens a new window includes 44 songs and runs 3 hours and 13 minutes (13 is T. Swizzle's birthdate and lucky number). Taylor performs two surprise songs at each show (aiming to never repeat a song throughout the 52-date run), another ingenious way to keep superfans engaged--some even obsessed--with tracking and guessing which songs will be played next, opens a new window. Choose your favorite era or song to inspire the perfect outfit, opens a new window (no standard concert wear here!) and come ready to trade friendship bracelets, opens a new window (it's a thing!)--an idea inspired by a lyric in You're On Your Own, Kid from Midnights.  

Born December 13, 1989, Taylor Swift is known for the relatable storytelling in her songwriting, teasing fans with Easter eggs, opens a new window, holding secret sessions at her home (yes, really!) and being one of the most personable and influential cultural figures of the century. She began performing and songwriting at age 14 and started dropping clever hints in her music as she was putting together her self-titled debut album, Taylor Swift. Savvy fans have been doing detective work ever since as they speculate on every lyric and detail down to Taylor's nail polish. Taylor is beloved for engaging personally with her fans and for her down-to-earth style; she's a self-professed old soul who adores her cardigans and famous cats Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. Her biggest point of pride is writing her own lyrics. While she collaborates with many big names, she wrote her 3rd album, Speak Now, entirely on her own and has continued to write from her personal experiences ever since. The queen of reinvention, Taylor first signed as a country musician, then transitioned to pop with rock and hip-hop influences, indie folk and alternative rock, and finally a chill-out, sultry vibe on her latest album, Midnights. Taylor is in the process of re-recording her first six albums to reclaim control of her music after a notorious battle in which her former record label sold the rights to her catalog. To date she has re-recorded Fearless (Taylor's Version), Red (Taylor's Version) and Speak Now (Taylor's Version) which was released July 7.    


If you need a book to read while waiting for The Eras Tour to arrive in Denver, check out this recommended reading list of Books Through The Eras.  


Taylor Swift - The Eras

Are you The Lucky One to have tix to The Eras Tour? If so, you are Fearless to have braved The Great (Ticketmaster) War! If not, Shake It Off and listen to all of the eras right here. Annotations by Halley P.

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