What To Read for Your Element Type

The idea of combining entertainment and elements isn't a new idea. From films like The Fifth Element and Frozen II to animated series like Avatar the Last Airbender, it's a common trope that writers and storytellers use to explain the differences between people. With Disney's movie Elemental coming to theaters soon, we decided to put together a list of books you'll enjoy based on your element. 


Air people tend to be thinkers, daydreamers and very imaginative. Air people are known for being social and good listeners. Embrace your outgoing nature with these tales of friendships.

The Book of Lost Friends

The Bright Side Running Club

The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle



Earth people tend to be hands-on, practical and, well, down-to-earth. If you tell them what you want to have done, earth people can make it happen. Stay grounded with stories inspired by true events.

Anon Pls

Women Talking

The Nickel Boys



Fire people are driven by passion, ideals and they want it done now. These kinds of people often enjoy being the center of attention and want to share their ideas with the world. Turn up the heat with a story of bravery, actions and living with the choices we make.

The 57 Bus

The Language of Fire

I Must Betray You



Water people have a reputation for having a high EQ (emotional quotient), being open to new ideas and can be more flexible than other elements. Water people can often empathize with how others are feeling and recognize the relationships between actions and consequences. Fall in love with unforgettable characters.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Like A Love Story

They Both Die at the End