Why You Should Look for Employment Opportunities During the Holiday Season

I often hear from people that they discontinue their job search during the end of year holiday season.  There is a common misperception that organizations do not hire during this time period, or that there are fewer jobs available at the end of the year.  

I am here to debunk these myths!

Read on for five reasons to continue your job search during the end of year holiday season.

Reason 1: Employers Hire Year Around

Employers do not stop hiring during the end of year/holiday season.  Continuing your job search at this time of year means more opportunities and less competition.

Reason 2: There Will be Less Competition

Due to the common misperception that organizations stop hiring at the end of the year, you will have less competition for the available jobs, and responses to job applications may be quicker. Take advantage of this time to actively pursue open positions, and acquire a job before the beginning of the next year.

Reason 3: Seasonal Work Can Lead to Full Time Employment

Many retail and shipping outlets hire seasonal employees.  In many cases, these can lead to full time/permanent positions once the holiday season is over.  At the very least, it leads to an income during the last months of the year. 

Reason 4: Employers Want to Fill Open Jobs Prior to Year's End

Employers want to fill jobs before years' end.  Depending on when an employer's fiscal year ends, they may want to fill any open positions to ensure that there is money in the budget for those positions in the new year.  Use it or lose it applies to many budget items, and employers want to keep that money in their budget!

Reason 5: You Owe it to Yourself to Continue Your Search

You've worked hard to get your resume and cover letter together, practiced for interviews, and put your best foot forward.  Continue that push through to the end of the year, and reap the rewards!

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