Castlewood Makerspace User Agreement

The Castlewood Makerspace is a free community work space that provides tools and technology to facilitate DIY projects, skill building, prototype development, creative exploration and collaborative sharing of knowledge. With your cooperation and understanding of this user agreement, you can help build a Makerspace community that values safety and learning.

As a user of the Castlewood Makerspace, I understand and agree to the following:

  1. The primary function of the Makerspace is to provide the community with space and tools for collaborative learning, skill building, DIY projects and prototyping. I understand that Makerspace facilities are not to be used for commercial manufacturing purposes.
  2. I will comply with the “Castlewood Makerspace General Safety Guidelines”, all machine- specific safety rules and any other safety expectations and guidelines conveyed to me by staff. Active supervision by a parent or adult guardian is required for Makerspace users under 13 years old. I will not touch or use any equipment until I have been properly trained and evaluated on its use. I agree that if at any time I am unable to safely utilize the equipment, I will immediately notify staff.
  3. If I damage or destroy any equipment or facilities as a result of my negligence or carelessness, I may be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement.
  4. I am voluntarily choosing to expose myself to the risks associated with working around dangerous equipment, including but not limited to: rotating machinery; moving tools and blades; flying, hot and sharp objects; and eye, lung and tripping hazards.
  5. Makerspace resources include supplies and materials necessary for the operation of the equipment and for classes. Additional supplies may be provided on a limited basis at staff discretion. Makerspace users are encouraged to bring their own project supplies.
  6. It is my responsibility to back-up my data to an external source and remove personal project materials from the Makerspace before leaving. The Makerspace does not provide storage for users and staff are not responsible for any loss of media, data or personal materials in the Makerspace or any other part of the library.
  7. While working in the Makerspace, I am responsible for adhering to the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) that governs all reproductions of copyrighted material.
  8. The Makerspace is governed by the same policies and guidelines as our other facilities, spaces and services. Access to the Makerspace and its contents may be limited by reservations or library-affiliated classes.
  9. My access to the Makerspace may be suspended or revoked by staff if I fail to meet the terms of this user agreement or if at any time a staff person evaluates my use of the Makerspace as unsafe.

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