In-house Library Services

LibraryServicesFax Services

Patrons can send faxes to local and toll free numbers at these locations:

  • Castlewood Library
  • Davies Library
  • Kelver Library
  • Koelbel Library
  • May Library
  • Sheridan Library
  • Smoky Hill Library

Scanning Services

Scanners are available for patron use at the following libraries:

  • Castlewood
  • Davies
  • Kelver
  • Koelbel
  • May
  • Sheridan
  • Smoky Hill
  • Southglenn

Printing from Personal Laptops

You may connect to our printers from your personal computer. First, you must install temporary software to your computer. Once installed, you may choose from the newly installed options in your print settings. When finished, close or shut down your machine and the software will disappear. You may pick up your print(s) at the library printing station.

Note: you will be prompted for a password. We recommend using your library card number so that you can scan your card at the print release station.

Follow these steps to start the process:

  • Click HERE
  • On the next screen, click on the Mac or Windows link (depending on what system you are using)
  • Follow the prompts until you have the software on your computer
  • You will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" the Print Client program, choose "Run"
  • You may be prompted again to verify that you are sure, choose "Run"
  • You will be prompted to Install the B&W printer driver, choose "Install"
  • You will be prompted to Install the COLOR printer driver, choose "Install"
  • The printer driver is now installed. You may choose Color or B&W from your print settings

Please see a staff member for further assistance.

Computer, Online and Internet Services

The Arapahoe Libraries are pleased to offer computer and Internet access to the public free of charge at all library locations, including the bookmobile. Anyone, regardless of age or residency, can use a library computer. Each library is also equipped for wireless Internet access.

Please read our Computer, Online and Internet Services FAQs for more information.

Free Computer Classes

The Arapahoe Libraries offer free computer classes on topics ranging from basic computer use to Internet searching, using word processing software, doing advanced online research, and more. Please get a schedule of classes at your favorite library, or browse our Computer Classes.