Guitars, knitting and board games, oh my!

Arapahoe Libraries is pleased to offer the Library of Things. This collection includes practical items like radon detectors and thermal leak detectors, educational items like anatomy models and microscopes, and fun items like unicycles and ukuleles.

While items are housed at a specific library, they can be placed on hold for pick up at any library location.

Check back soon to explore more, as items will continue to be added to this new collection. Happy browsing!


  • Typically, items checkout for 3 weeks at a time. If there is no one on hold, you are able to renew it like a normal library item.

  • There is a replacement fee for items that are lost or broken.

  • At this time, we have chosen to include items in our Library of Things that do not require deep cleaning in between checkouts.

  • Please login to your account, select "My Library Dashboard" from your dropdown menu and "Submit a Suggestion" on the left hand side!

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