Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development policy of the Arapahoe Library District supports the mission of the District to provide outstanding and personalized service to everyone seeking access to the world of information and ideas, by promoting intellectual freedom, literacy, and lifelong learning.

The Arapahoe Library District entrusts the selection, evaluation and removal of materials in its collection to designated staff members. It is understood that such trust is a specific delegation of authority from the Library Director, who retains ultimate responsibility to the Board of Trustees for the overall operation of the Library District.

The Arapahoe Library District regards its collection as one shared collection, distributed among various library facilities and developed to meet the educational, recreational, cultural, and informational needs of the Library District community. These needs are determined by circulation statistics, community demographics information, surveys, patron requests, and by professional judgment based on events and trends within the community.

  • Materials collected include print, non-print, technology and electronic formats.
  • Materials are generally purchased from mainstream publishers and distributors. Exceptions are made when demand and other selection criteria warrant.
  • The vast majority of materials acquired are in English. Materials in other languages are acquired according to thresholds for service based on demographics.
  • The Arapahoe Library District participates in various regional, national and local cooperative agreements which may impact collection policy.
  • The Library District collection provides materials reflecting a variety of viewpoints, as availability allows. The Arapahoe Library District supports free and open access to information and ideas as stated in the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, and the Freedom to View policies of the American Library Association. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for monitoring materials used by their children. Selection decisions for the adult collection are not influenced by the possibility that the materials may be accessible to minors.
  • The Arapahoe Library District does not generally add donated items to the circulating collection, due to the high cost of having ALD staff evaluate, process and catalog donated materials. Patrons and authors can suggest titles to be purchased for the collection and suggestions are evaluated according to the same criteria included in the selection guidelines (Refer to Policy on Gifts of Money, Books and Non-Print Materials).
  • The Arapahoe Library District is committed to ongoing analysis and review of the demand for and adequacy of its collection. The District supports the continuous removal from the collection of any materials that no longer serve the needs of its communities.


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