Right to Challenge

The Arapahoe Library District Collection Development Policy is based on the following principles:

A. Materials are selected which provide all library patrons, within budgetary constraints and availability of materials, the opportunity to meet their interest, information, enlightenment, entertainment, education, development, and enrichment.

B. The freedom to read, along with the freedom to hear and to view, is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This freedom will be upheld, supported, and defended in the selection and accessibility of all library materials. In this regard, the Library District upholds the principles of the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, Freedom to View, Statement on Labeling, and Free Access to Libraries for Minors.

C. Selection of materials does not constitute or imply agreement with or approval of the content, viewpoint, implications, or presentation of the materials.

D. The library staff does not serve in loco parentis. It is the parent(s), and only the parent(s), responsibility to guide their children, and only their own children, in using and accessing library materials. Selection will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may inadvertently come into the possession of children.

E. The Library District is not a judicial body. Laws governing obscenity, subversive materials, and other questionable matters are subject to interpretation by the courts.

Notwithstanding, a patron has the right to challenge the Library District to reconsider library materials, exhibits, displays, and programs. A challenge for reconsideration must be in writing; forms are available at all Arapahoe Library District libraries upon request. Any challenged library material, exhibit, display, or program will not be removed while the challenge is under review. Patrons and authors can also suggest titles to be purchased for the collection and suggestions are evaluated according to the same criteria listed in the selection guidelines.

The Arapahoe Library District has adopted the following separate polices regarding access to electronic resources and the internet: Website Link Selection Policy; Acceptable Use of Library Technology and Services Policy. The Arapahoe Library District has adopted the following separate policies regarding its selection of programming and displays: Programming Policy; Postings, Promotional Materials, Exhibits and Displays Policy.

ADOPTED 10/1996
REVISED 3/2004
REVISED 4/2012
REVISED 8/2022

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