Right to Challenge Materials

As a public institution, the Arapahoe Library District provides open access to all forms of educational, cultural and recreational information and supports the free expression of ideas and all points of view.

In keeping with this principle, the Arapahoe Library District supports access to materials and information in all subjects that serve the needs of its community regardless of content of material. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for monitoring materials used by their children; selection decisions for the adult collection are not influenced by the possibility that the materials may be accessible to minors.

Notwithstanding, a patron has the right to challenge the Library District to reconsider materials within its collection that they may find unsuitable. A challenge for reconsideration must be in writing; forms are available , opens a new windowat all Arapahoe Library District libraries upon request. In both selection and reconsideration of materials, the Arapahoe Library District supports the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, and the Freedom to View statements of the American Library Association.

The Arapahoe Library District has adopted the following separate policies regarding access to electronic resources and Internet: Website Link Selection Policy, and Acceptable Use of Library Technology and Services Policy . Copies of these policies, as well as the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View statements mentioned above, are available upon request.

ADOPTED 10/1996
REVISED 3/2004
REVISED 4/2012

Right to Challenge Materials, Exhibits, Displays or Programs Form, opens a new window (PDF Download)

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