Postings, Promotional Materials, Exhibits and Displays

As a public institution dedicated to free expression, freedom of speech and open access to ideas representing all points of view, the Arapahoe Library District provides space in certain facilities to individuals and groups for the Posting of Community Information, Promotional Materials and Exhibits of artistic works, historic or educational displays.

Limited space is made available without regard for content, point of view, or the race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting the space subject to the District’s Policies, Guidelines and Procedures.

The Library District desires to provide a fair and neutral forum for discussion and dissemination of information. Space and time limitations will not allow for equal placement and contemporaneous presentation of all sides of any issue.

Despite the foregoing, the Library reserves the right to establish and enforce policies and guidelines regarding quality of the material, time, place and manner of display; and, suitability for viewing by patrons of all ages.

Permission to display or post does not constitute endorsement by the Library District Board of Trustees or staff.

Patrons may challenge any Posting or Exhibit believed to be unsuitable for viewing by patrons of all ages under the Appeal Process for Posting of Community Information or Exhibits.

Director Review 1/13

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