Adrian Miller Visits Smoky Hill Library

Have you heard of the great “bean-gate”? Lyndon B. Johnson's cook Zephyr Wright regularly published recipes of the president's favorite meals. One month, she shared a traditional bean-less Texas chili recipe. The public was distraught! “No beans?! How could the president not like beans?”

The White House reassured America that the president truly did like beans – beans in chili, beans in salad…all kinds of beans, in fact.

Author and culinary historian Adrian Miller joined us on Friday, March 31, at Smoky Hill Library to share many tales like the one above from the White House kitchen. You can read more stories in his new award-winning book, The President's Kitchen Cabinet. The book brings to life the stories of more than 150 African Americans who worked on the White House’s culinary team. Thanks for visiting us, Adrian!