Read It Forward 2023

Celebrate and share the love of reading!

Looking for a challenge this fall? Expand your reading horizon with titles and categories suggested by our librarians. While you're discovering your next read, we will be donating books to local organizations that serve people with a need for more books. 

From October 1–31, stop by any Arapahoe Libraries location to pick up a bingo sheet or print one at home.

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Instead of offering prizes for adults, Arapahoe Libraries is donating books to the following organizations to support literacy in our service area.

Sheridan Recreation Center , opens a new window
The Sheridan Recreation Center maintains a small free library of books for people of all ages. We will be replenishing that collection with a variety of items.

Low-Income Preschools
Preschools in underserved communities struggle to provide enough books for the kids. (The shelf life of a book in a preschool is not long.) Books in English, Spanish and Arabic are needed for the kids and teachers. We will be providing board books and picture books to support future readers!

Sensory Club , opens a new window
An all-inclusive, welcoming and accepting club where people of all ages with disabilities can come to feel their best and grow together while satisfying their sensory needs. Arapahoe Libraries will be donating resource books for parents and caregivers, books for the new toddler room and additional children’s books.

International Rescue Committee, opens a new window
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides opportunities for refugees, asylees and other immigrants to thrive in America. In Denver, the IRC works with people of all ages on English language acquisition, literacy and school readiness. We will provide books in support of those goals.

Arapahoe County Detention Center, opens a new window
Arapahoe Libraries operates a library within the Arapahoe County Detention Center, but people leaving the detention center are often going to homes with few books. The staff at the Detention Center say there is great demand for dictionaries and puzzle books that people can take home with them.

Reading Ideas

Find reading inspiration in these staff–recommended book lists.

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Join fellow readers at one of our book clubs or learn how to host and start a book club of your own.

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