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“Water, the Life Breath of All Things”- Watercolor

Rob, a native of Colorado, resides in Centennial. As a cancer survivor, he was motivated to paint watercolors during his treatments in 1996. After listing things he wanted to do, but never had time for, painting appeared at the top of his list… “I picked up a brush and found watercolors!” It became his guiding passion, leading to a career change, and retirement from a 36 year Architectural career in 2014.

Rob’s architectural background mixed with a love of fly-fishing, golfing, skiing, and the outdoors, provide majestic backgrounds for many of his works including:
• Action: Animals & People in dynamic scenes
• Architecture: Barns, houses, and Victorian architecture; rural & urban settings
• Landscapes: Colorado and Montana rivers and forests.

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In the blink of an eye, this planet simultaneously sees the bloom of new life, the despair of people in conflict, moments of boredom, and moments of joy. All of this creates a multitude of experiences that overlap in time. These moments are like ripples on a body of water that connects us through our humanity.

Our actions propagate in ways we may not be aware of and connect us to people a world away. The imagery in these paintings overlaps experiences of the extreme and the mundane as a reminder of our interconnection.

Ram Polepeddi, "Beach Pier"


Watching and appreciating art and working with complex structures has allowed me to express myself through paintings and string art. While my paintings express the abundance in nature, my string art reveals the complexity of precision and the symmetry of expression.

My medium of choice for painting and string art are acrylic colors, oil colors and spray paint.
For my paintings I use different colors to capture the moment, and I use different threads to make a dramatic statement for my string art. While painting gives me the freedom of expression, string art challenges my imagination.

I am a structural engineer by profession and designed many bridges and complex structures for the past 30 years. I do artwork for pleasure.

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