12 Books to Bring to the DMV

Maybe you've tried to renew online and can't, maybe you simply can't put it off any longer, whatever the reason, chances are you're not excited about your trip to the DMV, opens a new window.

Take it from us, books make everything better. Try one these road trip books to imagine yourself back out on the open road. And for next time, check out the best and worst times to visit the DMV, opens a new window.

If you're looking for a road trip destination, you could do a lot worse than Vegas.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A post-apocalypse road trip with a Shakesperean troupe. Intrigued?

Station Eleven

Bill Bryson takes you on a romp to the lesser-known gems of small towns across America.

The Lost Continent

A stream of consciousness adventure with the perennially cool Kerouac, including his pit-stop in Denver.

On the Road

The true story of one women's journey through the Australian outback.


An award-winning classic, and the handbook of how NOT to take a family road trip.

As I Lay Dying

A debut novel about an evangelical family traveling to California for what they believe is The Rapture.

The Last Days of California

A Pulitzer Prize-winning tale of the ultimate post-apocalyptic father-son road trip.

The Road

Inspired by John Green's journey through South Dakota, this young adult novel has plenty of coming-of-age appeal for adults as well.

Paper Towns

Chronicles the ill-fated solo journey to Alaska of an intrepid young man who wouldn't be tied down.

Into the Wild

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