Apples Are STEM to the Core

Get STEMming with Laurie Anne's appley science activities.

Experiments with apples are a fun and healthy way to explore different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


One type of experiment is something we do almost every day: cooking! Cooking with apples provides an amazing opportunity to teach our children about measuring, stirring, following directions, sequencing and cleaning up. All of these will get your children ready for reading, math and science when they get to school.

Kids Fun Reviewed, opens a new window has a wide range of kid friendly recipes that are easy and enjoyable for the whole family. Here are a few that we think look the most delicious:


These apple STEM activities will have your kids going bananas!

  • How about a puzzle that's also a snack? Try to create an easier one for younger kids and harder puzzles for the older ones!
  • Ask your children if they think apples will sink or float and record their responses, like this teacher did. Then, let them discover the answer on their own by placing the apples in a big bowl of water. You've just introduced them to the scientific method!
  • Make math fun using an idea from The Gift of Curiosity. She suggests providing yarn and an apple to children. They can show you how much yarn they think they'll need to go around the apple (circumference). Were their hypotheses correct? If your children want to be challenged, introduce a ruler, too.
  • Sir Isaac Newton is credited with discovering gravity when an apple fell on his head. Try these gravity experiments from Little Bins for Little Hands.

The best part: you'll have a yummy snack when you're all done exploring apples!