Are Audiobooks Cheating?

When it comes to reading books, does listening to an audiobook count?


Many people listen to books rather than read them. They're a great way to fit books into a busy schedule, but does the convenience of listening mean you're cheating at reading? Check out these articles to hear what others have to say:

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Try an Audiobook

Interested in trying an audiobook?

Suggestions for When to Listen

Audiobooks are great for commuting, road trips, workouts, house work and more. Looking for more chances to squeeze one in? Here are some ideas for when to listen:

  • While cooking dinner
  • While shoveling snow or raking leaves
  • Waiting in line or in a waiting room
  • While getting a massage
  • While crafting
  • While gardening
  • While folding laundry

Tell us your favorite ways to fit in audiobooks in the comments below!