Best Places to Read

Love finding a comfy spot to snuggle up and read? Us too. Here are some of the best places to read, and books to read in those favorite places (in this very unscientific blog).

A comfy chair with great lighting

Great lighting is always important, but if that's your number one reading criteria, then you have an eye for details and enjoy the complex worlds that you find in fantasy and science fiction. Great lighting also lends itself to crafts and hobbies projects, too. 

In a giant blanket fort with twinkle lights or cozied up in bed

If being cozy is your go-to reading style, then you like to be rooted in reality but are also willing to explore. You're probably a fan of historical fiction because you can travel the world and experience different lives without leaving home. Biographies and memoirs might also be some of your favorite books.

Outside in a hammock, a lawn chair or in soft, thick grass

If you're a fan of outdoor reading, maybe what you really enjoy is being outside—looking around and taking in the sights and smells. Even easier if you listen to an audiobook so your other senses can enjoy the day. Books about science and nature are also excellent choices.

Window seat

If you read "window seat" and immediately thought of a plane (sorry!), I meant a window seat in your home, be it a cozy nook or a chair that faces the outside world. If that's your favorite place to read, enjoy these books that inspire wanderlust or these books all about culture and travel.

Public transport

If you like to read on a bus or in the backseat of a car, then you must have a strong stomach to handle twists and turns, literally. Are thrillers or mysteries or true crime your favorite reads? And if you're not old enough to drive (hey, kids and tweens), these books are the right age just for you!

With your pet(s) alongside you

If you like to read with a furry (or scaly or feathery) companion by your side, check out books that feature animals. You're also really enjoying summer right now, aren't you? Us too, and summer can mean a break from big books and a dive into graphic novels instead. 

Share your favorite book nook in the comments below!