Beyond the Job Ad

There are many sites where you can look for job ads, but what can you do to stand out in the job search? Use library resources! We have lots of ways to help. Check out our Jobs & Careers page where we gather together many of our online resources.

Job and Career Accelerator is great place to start. You'll find resume, cover letter and interview tips. They have customized information for first time and experienced job seekers, those seeking career changes, and those transitioning from the military. You'll also find plenty of information on a variety of professions to help you explore your career options and see what fits. Once you've applied for a job you can research the company to be prepared for your interview and impress your potential boss.

ReferenceUSA and Morningstar can help you get to know the companies where you want to work. You can shine with the knowledge you find – what they do, who the top executives are, what their performance is, and who their competitors are.

Business Source Complete and Small Business Reference Center can help you with general information about the current business climate for your profession and breaking news in your field. Be on top of it all!

Using LinkedIn Learning or Treehouse will refresh your knowledge of software, technology and coding languages. This is useful not only if your job is in one of those fields, but also if you need to brush up on Word, Excel or other software products you will use on the job.

GaleCourses has classes for specific professions such as nursing as well as general technology classes.

Learning Express Library lets you practice tests that might be required for your job in law enforcement, teaching, the military, as a beautician, and many more.

So search for your new job with the confidence that you have the knowledge you need to succeed.