Books Ruined by Technology: Classics Part I

Ever wonder how some classic novels might be ruined by technology? We did! Dear reader, read with caution as there are spoilers ahead.

Pride and Prejudice: Fanciful Lydia would be easy to find once she runs off with Wickham; unable to keep a secret, Lydia would be Snapchatting her sister Kitty and posting cute selfies of her and Wickham in their carriage as it bounces toward Gretna Green. 

Jane Eyre: If Jane had the internet, she likely would have Googled her future employer only to discover Mr. Edward Rochester has a wife (and maybe a wedding website filled with lots of photos of the happy couple).

Moby Dick, Or, The Whale: Because we no longer use whale oil to light our homes (hey thanks, electricity!), there'd be no need to chase down a gigantic white whale that likes to smash boats.

The Count of Monte Cristo: In an age where nearly everyone is Google-able, Edmond Dantes would likely struggle to conceal his identity once he escapes from prison to exact his revenge. Can we say facial recognition and tagging photos from the over-the-top parties he throws?

The Great Gatsby: Perhaps Gatsby would make his millions trading bitcoin. Not very glamorous now, is it, Daisy Buchanan? 

Around the World in 80 Days: Look, there's airline travel that can get you basically wherever you want to go. Plus book on a third-party site and save yourself some dollar dollar bills.