Braille Literacy Awareness Month and World Braille Day

January is National Braille Literacy Awareness Month and World Braille Day is January 4, so celebrate the achievements of Louis Braille, the man who invented the Braille writing/reading system. 

Louis Braille

Louis Braille was not born blind. As a child, he was playing in his father's workroom where he grabbed an awl to make holes in some leather. The awl slipped, poking Louis in the eye. His eye became infected and he lost his eyesight.

Louis didn't let that stop him. Instead he continued through school, received an education, and met people who inspired him to create the Braille system, a system using raised dots to help people with visual impairments read and write. While rudimentary at the beginning, it is now accepted worldwide as the most efficient way to read and write for individuals with visual impairments.

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