Community Resources for Older Adults

From social groups to healthcare nonprofits, there are so many resources in the Denver Metro area. It can be hard to find what you need, or to know what exists. Luckily for you, the library is here to help! 

Older Adults Resource Fair

An easy way to learn about some of the nearby nonprofits is to join us at the Older Adults Resource Fair on May 17. There, you'll find information about Arapahoe County resources, fitness classes with the nearby parks and recreation facilities, nonprofit meal delivery services, opportunities to volunteer and more. Drop in and chat with representatives from these organizations while you enjoy refreshments.

Other Local Resources

Here are just a few resources in the Denver area that might be helpful to you:

Library Resources

  • If you have more specific questions about resources or need help sooner, Ask a Librarian. We even have Community Resource Specialists who can help you learn how to access some of these nonprofits. We devote one-on-one time to researching your question.
  • We also have tech help at our libraries so you can get assistance on the spot if you run into trouble on our public computers.
  • If you don't have internet at home, you can check out the technology you need to access community resources that are only available online. We have hotspots and laptops with built in wifi.