DC Comics Playlist: What Would the Characters Listen To?

The DC Comics universe is so vast and full of eclectic characters. We believe that their music tastes would be as varied as their superpowers. Here's our compilation of albums/songs we think best fit the DC Comics characters.


Superman is technically an alien being from the planet Krypton. But he also grew up on a farm in a small country side town, literally called Smallville. So he would probably have a country music heavy playlist. It's easy to picture him bopping along on a tractor to a smooth Southern voice.

Old Boots, New Dirt



Easily, Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in pop culture. With over 14 different films about the dark, brooding hero (including a spin off TV show about Gotham City and another about Batman's butler), it's easy to think we know the millionaire vigilante very well. We believe his playlists would be rock, metal and maybe some intense movie soundtracks.

The Best of Type O Negative

The Later Years

Wonder Woman

Diana is a powerhouse. She is such a warrior and advocate for women. During her workout, she would be blasting major music divas. We're absolutely sure of it. 


A Brand New Me


Aquaman is the Superman of the sea. But at his heart, he's a beach guy. He would be happiest out on the waves or laying in the sun. So he would have some Jimmy Buffet and Beach Boys blaring out of his Bluetooth speaker.

Life on the Flip Side


The Flash

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is one of the smartest and, albeit, nerdiest of the DC Comic characters. His playlists would be a little eclectic, with a little bit of everything. But we think his main favorites would be some indie groups.

Signs of Light

The Lumineers


Kara is Superman's cousin but she really holds her own, especially against her brand of supervillains. She is the epitome of girl power. So it would only makes sense for her to have some amazing girl groups rocking her playlist.




At his core, Shazam is just a kid. He's a modern, goofy kid who is still trying to find his way. His music tastes would change based on whatever is on the top of the pop charts...from maybe five years ago. He's not up on the latest trends but he rocks what he knows.



Green Arrow

DC Comics seem to be all about their vigilantes and Green Arrow is no exception. He stalks the streets and tries to right the wrongs of the world even though it is a never-ending battle. When he comes home and pours himself a drink, we think he's the kind of guy to throw on some old, classic jazz to relax (but nothing too loud that he couldn't hear what's going on outside).

Kind of blue

A Love Supreme


It's debatable how much Catwoman belongs on this "heroes" list, but she's such an icon in the DC universe that we would be remiss not to include her. This thief is sneaky and cunning and very appealing to many people. She would listen to songs that pump her up and allow her to own her womanhood and her intelligence.

Dirty Computer



In some iterations, Batman's Robin assumes the identity of Nightwing. He's a grown up version of the young sidekick who is often seen as the butt of the joke. We believe that his music tastes would reflect this transformation in him. 

Bob Dylan

Night Ride Home

Have another song or artist you think is a perfect match for one of these characters? Let us know in the comments!