Don’t Forget the Little Guys This Earth Day

They creep, they crawl, they hide in corners and buzz in our ears, but without them our global ecosystems would collapse. Love or hate them – insects are vital and their future depends on you.

From Puerto Rico to Brazil to Germany, studies show that insect populations, and the species that depend on them, are in steep decline. Tragically, over the past four decades, scientists have observed a 45% decline in the overall insect population, opens a new window 

Not only are insects a source of food for thousands of other species, but they also have an economic impact. In the United States alone, insects contribute at least $57 billion, opens a new window to the national economy and play a critical role in agriculture.  

Of all the species on Earth, insects are the most sensitive and susceptible to the consequences of climate change. With Earth Day coming up on Monday, April 22, what can you do this Earth Day to help insects?