Donuts and Young Adult Novels

Choose your favorite donut, then we'll tell you some young adult novels to read next in this very unscientific and completely made up blog. Donut worry, it's simple! And tasty. Very tasty. 

Classic Glazed Donut

You love getting the mail, don't you, because it's full of possibilities. So check out recently ordered teen books, opens a new window because waiting is part of the fun. Instant gratification: tried and true great teen books on OverDrive, opens a new window or browse new books on OverDrive.

Bacon-Topped Donut

Listen. Bacon makes it better. These books will too for when you need a break from real-life, opens a new window. Instant gratification: #trending on OverDrive, opens a new window.

Chocolate Frosted Chocolate Donut

Listen. I know I said bacon makes it better. So does chocolate and these books about fierce hearts, opens a new window. Instant gratification: dystopian teen fiction on OverDrive.

Powdered Sugar Donut

You love knowing what's trendy and hot, so you keep an eye on what people are reading. Check out teen bestsellers, opens a new window from ArapahoeSusan, opens a new window. Instant gratification: teen romance, opens a new window or 100 best teen books of all time, opens a new window on OverDrive.

Cream- or Jelly-Filled Donut

Try a cozy mystery, opens a new window, because it's a mystery what those donuts are filled with until you get into them. Instant gratification: exciting fantasy novels on OverDrive.

Strawberry Donut

You like the whole story before you start reading the story, so learn about some unique author facts, opens a new window before diving in to a book. Instant gratification: dystopian worlds, opens a new window on OverDrive.

Sprinkles, Just Give Me Sprinkles

You're a massive sci-fi and fantasy fan (sprinkles sort of look like stars in the night sky, right?) so try these sci-fi and fantasy novels, opens a new window that redefine what a road trip is. Instant gratification: manga, superhero and graphic novels on OverDrive.

Unique Toppings All the Way

You like to try new things so you're always up for a game of Would You Rather...with books, opens a new window! Instant gratification: teen books read by the author on OverDrive, opens a new window.

Check out the Teen page, opens a new window for even more things to read, watch and listen or look through lists and blogs that have been created with you in mind. Whip up a batch of homemade doughnuts, opens a new window, listen to a podcast about donut history, opens a new window, or ask a librarian for personalized suggestions, opens a new window on what to read next.